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Rubber Kitchenware
The company manufactures a range of rubber kitchenware required for applying oil or digging out the paste and applying, or any other task. These items are available in different colors.

Rubber Bush
From cone to other shapes rubber bushes are made by our company. This rubber part is installed between two parts to isolate vibration or act as a buffer. 

Rubber Diaphragm
Rubber diaphragm is produced in different configurations to meet this rubber component demand from automobile and other industries. The use of this component is to create a flexible seal. 

Rubber Gasket
Rubber gasket is a mechanical seal which can efficiently prevent liquid/gas leaks. This gasket can be placed between two parts in order to create a barrier between metals or other objects. 
Rubber Grommet

Rubber grommet is an automobile part which is installed to protect cables/ wires from grazing/chafing. This kind of part also works to reduce vibration. 

Rubber O Ring
Rubber O ring can be purchased in sizes and quantity one wants. This mechanical gasket is efficient part for creating a seal in pumps, connectors, valves and many other instruments, systems and equipment. 

Rubber Washer
From neoprene, silicone to Buna-N nitrile, our company makes use of different types of rubber for making rubber washers. These washers are widely used in mechanical devices. 
Silicone Extruded Products
In our line of silicone extruded products, you can find sponge cord, profile, hose and tube. These products are required in industries, like electrical, construction, etc.